Selfie of Meera with her backpack on the Venable-Comanche Trail.

Travelogue: Solo Backpacking the Venable-Comanche Trail

Half impulse, half lifelong goal. Meera solo backpacks Colorado's Venable-Comanche Trail.
9 min read
The back of Meera's CR-V, stuffed with backpacks and gear.

Stuff We Shouldn't Have Carried Up the San Juan Mountains

There's a fine line between overpacking and being prepared. It's always good to reflect and see what you could have done better for next time.
3 min read
Our Favorite Gear to Carry Up A Mountain (So Far)

Our Favorite Gear to Carry Up A Mountain (So Far)

I'm not going to pretend we can tell you what's best for you. But I can tell you things we've used and liked, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.
6 min read
Cimarrona Peak, viewed from our trail.

Travelogue: Backpacking Colorado's San Juan Mountains

In August 2021, as the world started recovering from pandemic and quarantine, we took off for our first vacation in eighteen months: a backpacking trip in the San Juan Mountains of south-central Colorado with some good friends.
13 min read