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Experiments in Ski Photography

I spent our third day at Valle Nevado focusing on taking pictures instead of skiing. Here are the results.
A ski helmet, Olympus camera, and two steins of beer on a wooden table.
End of photography day

After nearly shooting the moon on Monday, I dedicated Tuesday to taking pictures, skiing (and hiking) only as necessary to find interesting new mountains, valleys, features, or vantage points. I brought out "the big camera," hoping that keeping it in its case inside my backpack would protect it if I got a bit too adventurous on the slopes.

One of the problems with carrying a camera is that you're always the one behind the camera, not in front of it, so I'm grateful to our travel companion (and coworker) Michael for taking a few pictures of me while I played photographer.

Up in the Andes, there's no shortage of beautiful landscapes, as the gallery above shows. So while I took lots of pictures of mountains, I tried to find other interesting things. And the most interesting things are usually people.

I took over a thousand pictures on this trip to get the forty in this post. I'm pretty happy with a 4% hit rate. I hope you enjoyed some of them.