Epic Adventures

A ski helmet, Olympus camera, and two steins of beer on a wooden table.

Experiments in Ski Photography

I spent our third day at Valle Nevado focusing on taking pictures instead of skiing. Here are the results.
4 min read
Sunset: stripes of pink surround bands of gold and orange behind a snow-covered mountain.

How Not to Ski Every Run At Valle Nevado in One Day

We tried to ski every single piste in one single day. We almost succeeded.
1 min read
Photo from Valle Nevado looking down on a layer of clouds.

Notes from Our First Day at Valle Nevado, Chile

Our first day skiing in Chile started inauspiciously, and way too early, but it ended with hours of skiing and some beer.
2 min read
Looking down from Matterhorn Glacier Paradise ski station onto mountain peaks and clouds.

Our 3 Biggest Accomplishments of 2022 (And Why We're Proud of Them)

As we get older, we try to put more effort into recognizing and celebrating our accomplishments, and in this post we do just that with our three biggest accomplishments of 2022.
2 min read
Selfie of Meera with her backpack on the Venable-Comanche Trail.

Travelogue: Solo Backpacking the Venable-Comanche Trail

Half impulse, half lifelong goal. Meera solo backpacks Colorado's Venable-Comanche Trail.
9 min read
Cimarrona Peak, viewed from our trail.

Travelogue: Backpacking Colorado's San Juan Mountains

In August 2021, as the world started recovering from pandemic and quarantine, we took off for our first vacation in eighteen months: a backpacking trip in the San Juan Mountains of south-central Colorado with some good friends.
13 min read